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Who We Are: I bring a lifetime of experience across multi-disciplinary platforms. Over the past 45+ years I have trained world champion horses, managed breeding operations as well as a 400 head wild mustang and burro sanctuary.  I have extensively worked in the field of equine massage and soft tissue therapy, attained Reiki Master level in Reiki energy work, and Master Practitioner level of the Tucker Biokinetic Technique (TBT). I have applied TBT to dogs ( and other animals) with good results.

Core Competencies: Utilizing the Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) to target the primary cause of any imbalance, restriction, or area of pain. These include but are not limited to: back soreness, girthy/cinchy behavior, stiffness, reluctance to bend, bucking, bolting, biting and kicking, short-stepping, tilting the head on one rein, attitude issues, a lack of interest in food, rearing, cold-backed tendencies, navicular pain, arthritis, suspensory injuries, chronic colic, fly allergies, and phantom lameness.

Capability Statement 

Industry Experience

  • Trained the 1995 National Cutting Horse Association World Champion Stallion and two riders to world champion titles.

  • EquiTouch Certification-Equine Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Manipulation II, 2002

  • Horse manager of over 400 wild mustangs and burros at Return to Freedom, 2015-2017

  • Awarded the title of TBT Master Practitioner by the Tucker BioKinetic International University in 2021

  • On-going continuing education in the field of equine bodywork to include Reiki Master certification, massage, myofascial release, Masterson technique, red light therapy, DMS, and more.​

Past Performance

  • Was able to restore vision to a gelding that had complete loss of sight in one eye for 5 years.

  • Was able to significantly reduce the size of multiple tumors on a horse where surgery was no longer an option.

  • Was able to eliminate back pain and restore proper hind leg function in a dog with back injury.

  • Was able to re-align pastern bone in a young horse when vet was unable to help. Have x-ray results to show.

  • Dog that was traumatized after waking up during surgery- was able to help heal and restore a level of calm and confidence, as well as increase range of motion and reduction of pain at surgical site.

  • Horse diagnosed with EPM had neurological problems, stumbling and behavioral issues, has now re-established co-ordination, strength and normal healthy behavior.

  • References available.


Keywords: Treating the primary cause, not  just the symptoms, Holistic bodywork, equine bodywork, energy bodywork, healing modalities, equine, horse, dog.

Company Designations

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  • NAICS: 541940, 112920, 115210, 812910

  • Current Service Areas: NV, CA,

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