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About Me

"If you’re looking for a top-tier equine TBT practitioner, I highly recommend Shelly Martin.  Shelly is gifted at finding the cause of horse problems - and fixing them. 

As her TBT instructor, I’ve seen Shelly dig into horses symptoms and not let go until she has the answers. 

You can count on Shelly to be your #1 “go to” horse practitioner."  

Renee Tucker, DVM

Founder, Tucker BioKinetic Technique

Shelly Martin showing 1995 NCHA World Champion Stallion, Flynns Gayson ofa Doc.

I am often asked why I do what I do. So let me start with my lifetime love affair with horses. I love being around them. I love touching and feeling their energy. When a horse hurts, I hurt right along with them.

Why Did I Become A Master Practitioner Of TBT

Having been engaged in equine bodywork for many years, and having incorporated several different modalities and tools, I found myself once again searching for something else that could extend the scope of what I could positively affect for a horse with pain or restrictions. When I came across the Tucker Biokinetic Technique, I knew this was the solution I was seeking.


Skills and Experience


I have trained horses professionally, on a national level for over 25yrs, then more recently growing my skills as an equine bodyworker. That’s 40+ yrs of living my passion and dreams alongside and on the backs of these amazing beings.


  • Trained the 1995 National Cutting Horse Association World Champion Stallion and two riders to world champion titles. I know what it takes to go down the road and keep a horse performing at its best because I have lived it. 


  • EquiTouch Certification-Equine Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Manipulation II, 2002.


  • Liberty Training, 2006-2010. Liberty training is working with a horse with nothing physical controlling or restricting the horse.


  • Horse manager of over 400 wild mustangs and burros at Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Sanctuary,  2015-2017.


  • Awarded the title of TBT Master Practitioner by the Tucker BioKinetic International University in 2021.


  • On-going continuing education in the field of equine bodywork to include Reiki Master, massage, myofascial release, Masterson technique, red light therapy, DMS, and more.


 I now have the ability to go beyond traditional medicine into energy bodywork.


I have committed myself to give back to all the horses as they have given so much of themselves and helped me live my dream. Let me help them, help you, live yours!

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