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TBT Resources

Tucker Biokinetic University

If you would like to learn more about the Tucker Biokinetic University, click here :  

Save Your Suspensory - The Course

Everything you need to know to heal and prevent this very common and seriously debilitating injury.

Reverse The Diagnosis - RTD Book

Reverse the Diagnosis - RTD Book

A 5-Step Strategy for Reversing Equine Suspensory, Sacroiliac, and Kissing Spine Diagnoses.
Say Goodbye to Lameness Caused by Sacroiliac Disease, Kissing Spine, or Suspensory Issues.

Ulcer PDF Report, Fix Your Horse's Ulcers Forever, Tucker BioKinetics Technique, Quantum Equine Balancing, Shelly Martin

Fix Your Horse's Ulcers Forever 

Discover the underlying causes that you MUST eliminate to rid your horse of ulcers forever. 

Silver Lining Herbs

Products from Silver Lining Herbs click here:

Brave Balm

For Shyness, Trust and Insecurity

Grief, Depression, and Shock

For life’s toughest moments

Popular Products from Blacking Farms Flower Essences

Blacking Farms Flower Essences.

Use discount code “SHELLYMARTIN” to receive a 10% discount on your order or click below:


Popular Products from Dynamite Specialty Products

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Check out their other amazing blends for people and pets!

What Does My Horse Want? - The Course
How to get Yes/No answers from your horse using energy work.

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