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Contact me to find out how I can help your horse. Alternatively, telephone +1 (951)809-0000

Do you:

  • compete at top level competitions?

  • take joy in hitting the trail with your best friend?

  • want to know how to help your horse (or other animal) flourish?

  • want to support your service animal so they can live their best life?


Horses will give us their heart and soul and often it's to their own detriment. Pain can originally present as a training or behavioral problem which can make it difficult to understand what is really going on. You see a horse is genetically wired to not show weakness. In the wild, this would make them a target for any roaming predator. By the time we see a lameness or physical issue, they have already blown through all of their compensation/ supporting mechanisms. This can  mean that the area that is presenting as the problem, is the final straw, and not necessarily the primary cause!


All trauma, structural weaknesses and systems in overload can show up as imbalances anywhere in the body. Problems that were thought to be only manageable, and/or a training issue can be solved with the Tucker Biokinetic Technique.


  • The Tucker Biokinetic Technique or TBT™, is a unique alignment method that addresses the imbalances in the body. 

  • A TBT™ Master Practitioner, using the horse's own energy, can re-establish communication pathways so balance and healing can occur, sometimes instantly.


My passion is horses. I am a certified TBT™ Master Practitioner, and while I have trained horses professionally for over 25 years, I have been actively growing my skills as an equine bodyworker for the last 20 years.

Does Your Horse Hurt?  Does Your Horse Have Behavioral Issues?

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