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Client Feedback - Diego - Horse

‘Diego, who I have had since he was a yearling, was showing signs of aging and wasn’t moving as well as he used to. In addition to his recent agitation, I noticed his jaw was out of alignment and his lower lip was hanging, his right eye was pushed to the right side and his right nostril was higher than the other.
I knew it was time to call Shelly to have her work on my horse.


Right from the beginning, Shelly and Diego bonded together. Diego was willing to work with Shelly, so I left them alone. When I returned, my horse was calm and very relaxed. Shelly explained that it might take twenty-four to forty-eight hours before seeing a physical change as a result of therapy.


The very next day, boy, Diego was running around and rolling in the dirt and was super limber. I had not seen him move like that in five years! He was so energetic and happy. I couldn’t believe it, my twenty-one-year-old was acting like he was twelve again! The physical transformation in Diego has been amazing, too. His hanging lower lip was gone, and his teeth were back in alignment.


I highly recommend Shelly Martin to care for your horse’s well-being. It is her passion.’


 Lauri L., Oceanside, California

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