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Client Feedback - Diesel - Horse

5 years ago, my 29 yr. old gelding, Diesel, suffered a severe trauma to the head that resulted in the loss of sight to his right eye. The vet told me the eye was terminal and at some point, he would probably have to remove the eye. For 5 years I was putting drops in his eye every day hoping that that day would never come. Each day it got harder and harder to apply the drops as Diesel became adamant, he was no longer wanting them.


I met Shelly by chance and after getting to know her and learning about TBT, I asked her to come and look at Diesel. My hope was to be able to make him as comfortable as possible in his remaining years. At first Diesel was wary, especially if Shelly went to his right side, but it didn’t take long before I saw him just melt into the work. 


At the end of the first session, I could tell there was a change but it was subtle and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Over the next couple of days, I could tell that he was feeling much freer in his body and more relaxed. A couple of weeks later I had her do a second session and it was about 30 days after that that the miracle showed up. I couldn’t believe my eyes! His once clouded and sightless right eye was clearing and he was starting to see out of it!!!! Even Diesels DVM was speechless.


I am so blessed I found Shelly Martin and her skill for TBT. She gave me back my horse.

Jacquie W.-Reno, Nevada

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