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Client Feedback - Lumina - Horse

Shelly was referred to me, a number of years ago, as a highly talented equine professional.  Included in the references I received were how skilled she is as an energy worker/healing arts professional for animals.  Over the last number of years, I have hired Shelly to work with my beloved horses, dog and cats.  I had hired other energy/healing workers previously and can be skeptical about their true skills.  With Shelly - not only did I witness a change each time she worked with a beloved animal, I watched my animals gravitate to her the moment she was in my home.  


One of the most amazing healings I’ve witnessed was on the work she did with my Heart Horse - Lumina.  Lumina has a Parelli training background from birth, she is from the Secretariat lineage.  To me, Lumina was magical and always very sensitive.  Traditional healing techniques simply could not be applied in a prescriptive way.  Healing efforts (of any kind, from all sources) required an attuned listening/watching re: impact.  


Lumina, a white/grey mare, had already undergone cancer surgery for golf ball sized tumors in her throat region.  Several years later, Lumina’s vet, farrier and I noticed that one side of her neck started to bulge.  Obviously, the cancer tumors were coming back and we knew from before that this was/is life threatening.


I hired Shelly to work with Lumina on this. I had already gotten vet opinions that there was “probably nothing that could be done.”  I was advised from many caring professionals that it was time to say goodbye.  


After giving all of this background, Shelly agreed to work with Lumina.  Healing often happens but can be hard to track in our busy lives.  Shelly advised that she would take pictures so that we could monitor the size of the growth.  While I was not present at the first couple of sessions - I had the gift of the images taken (and certainly knew they matched what I saw physically when I was with Lumina).  The melanoma lumps were clearly diminishing.  Several different vets who worked with her (including one that is a holistic equine professional focused on equine (particularly Lumina’s) mobility/etc) stated how amazed they were.  Lumina had more mobility than ever.  Not only did the tumors reduce, but the scar tissue that affected her neck mobility from her prior (very invasive cancer removal surgery) was healing/becoming flexible!  Even her farrier stated that he had never seen anything like this.  


Lumina passed away this last January.  She didn’t pass, however, of the melanoma.  What I can share (and am sure she’d want to share) is that she had more flexibility and expression for the last year plus of her life due to Shelly’s healing work.  

Jenn S- Reno, Nevada

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