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Client Feedback - Rosie - Cat

‘Shelly Martin doesn't just treat your animal. She gets in complete touch with your animal's vibration and uncovers the root causes of the symptoms that your animal is exhibiting.

Whether it's an in-person hands-on session or remote work, her mastery of the Tucker Biokinetic Technique is evident based on her results. I've watched her grow from a practitioner who was just starting out to a practitioner who is confident, caring, and so dedicated to her clients. She has worked remotely on my cat Rosie several times now, and Rosie always shows improvement after a session. Shelly has even found things in Rosie that I didn't even know were an issue. I'm so lucky to know her, and not just because of this! I can't recommend her highly enough. Four hooves up!’

Christine H.-San Diego, California

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