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Client Feedback - Shrek - Mule

‘Shrek, my mule, used to be agitated a lot. I could see it in the way he swished his tail most of the time like he was swatting flies away, but there weren’t any. I decided to work with Shelly Martin and try a TBT™ session on Shrek.


Shrek is truly a fan. Normally, if left untied, Shrek would just walk away. That doesn’t happen after working with Shelly. As soon as he sees her, he walks right up to her, and you can see it in his eyes and body that she is reaching him, there’s a connection. For me and Shrek, Shelly’s treatment and connection with Shrek combine a different healing approach delivered with calmness and confidence which makes the owner and the animal relax.


Shelly has always had horses in her world and has a passion to help an animal find their happiness. That goes for any animal, not just horses. Shrek is no longer the agitated mule that wanders off to be alone. He wants to meet people and will walk up to children and lower his head so they can pet him. His tail swishes are now directly aimed at flies. That is an amazing change.’


Vicki P.  Carlsbad,  California

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