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Client Feedback - Zip - Horse

‘For any horse owner that feels like they have hit a wall and don’t know what to do to help their horse, Shelly Martin is an excellent choice.


For years the previous owner had Zip pulling loads that were too much. His hips were paying the price, and nothing was working to help him. Shelly corrected his problem with her hands-on approach moving energy to the place it needed to be. I don’t know how her process works, but it does. And emotionally, it does a lot for the horse, you can see it in their posture and energetic attitude.


Another horse, a thirty-seven-year-old, had been a carriage horse and was fidgety and anxious. He was always moving back and forth with his head down a lot. After one session, he took a big breath and then became still. His head raised and he stopped the fidgety and anxious movement. It was amazing to see.’


Sue C., Palomar Mt. California

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