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Settling the Mare

One of my dear clients called me about doing a remote session on her mare that had been hung up in a fence with her hind feet. She had no idea how long she had been there and was desperately worried about her. The mare had already been seen by her veterinarian and any catastrophic injuries had been ruled out. She was changing the bandages daily on her and her poor mare just could not stand still for this process.

When I do a remote session, I always text the owner when I am starting and again when I am finished with the session. I then ask if they would like to chat about the session or ask any questions. About ten minutes after the text stating I had just finished the session, my client called very excited. She told me that she had just finished wrapping the mares’ hind legs when it had occurred to her that the mare had not moved an inch the whole time she was putting on the bandages.

It fills my heart when I am able to bring some peace to clients and their animals.

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