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Waving Chicken Bones?

I was doing a session for a friend of mine who really wasn’t sure he believed in this technique. I think he was waiting for me to pull out my chicken bones and start waving them around. At one point I called him over to have him feel his mare’s tail. It was as stiff as a board and unable to bend. This is noteworthy as the horses’ tail is an important mechanism of balance and has a subtle influence on the alignment of the hind end. At the end of the session, I had him again feel the mares tail which was now soft and supple. The difference was like night and day. I knew my friend had been going through a lot of stress at this time and during the session he got so relaxed, he almost fell asleep. At one point he looked around and saw that the horses in all the other stall were hanging their heads out in our direction with a look of pure relaxation on their faces. It’s always fun to see the reaction of a first-time client when they get to see an immediate change in their horse from the beginning of a session to the end.

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